Kentucky CancerLink is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce and/or eliminate barriers to screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Based in Lexington, our mission reaches state-wide and serves all cancer diagnoses.  Our main focus is to educate and connect Kentuckians to evidence-based cancer screenings for cancers such as, breast, colon, cervical and lung.  The second part of our mission is to be an advocate for the patient and either removing barriers to care (as funding allows) or looking into the community for resources available.  We serve all Kentuckians, however we do have guidelines for several of our programs, specifically those that are funding-based (i.e. Gas Cards and Lymphedema Garments) that we do follow the 250% Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Transportation assistance is the #1 request received.  This is largely due to regions that are highly affected by cancer and their proximity or financial ability to get to locations for treatment.


Kentucky is #1 in the United States for cancer rates and death.  The need is great and we are working to make a difference. Everyone wants a cure for cancer.  But UNTIL there is a cure for cancer, Kentuckians need help TODAY!